5 Common Signs of Roof Decay

Icicles On House Roof by Victor Habbick at FreeDigitalPhotos.netIt is very easy to ignore problems with your roof, but with winter ahead, and snow on the way, the roof needs to be in tip top shape if it is going to hold up during this difficult season here in Chicago. Many homeowners don’t realize they have a problem with their roof until there is a major issue like multiple leaks or collapse. Luckily, roofs often show early signs and symptoms of problems before the problem becomes this extensive. If your roof is getting on in the years, a thorough assessment could identify problems while they can still be repaired and you can put off a total roof replacement for as long as possible. You can check for these 5 common signs on your home or have a professional roofer assess the roof for you.

  • Missing Shingles: A few missing shingles doesn’t have to lead to a total roof replacement. However, if the shingles aren’t promptly replaced, the layers of roofing beneath the shingles can suffer damage leading to faster decay and earlier roof replacement.
  • Ceiling Spots: Water spots on the ceiling are an early sign of major leaks to come. What may begin as a slow drip can turn into decay, mold growth, and compromised roof integrity. Check the ceiling spots in your home. If the spot is moist to the touch, there is an ongoing problem, and if it is dry, the problem has likely been resolved. However, you should check the spot after a rain storm to make sure that this is the case.
  • Sagging: When sagging between the rafters is extensive, it can usually be seen from the outside of the home. If your roof is beginning to sag, you need to have it professionally assessed to figure out if there is any repair possible. Unfortunately, sagging typically indicates that the roof needs to be replaced.
  • Icicles: Besides the fact that icicles indicate energy waste within the home, they can also do some serious damage to your roof. They are often the cause of early roof decay when the source of the problem isn’t resolved early on. Adding insulation to the attic may be all that is needed to eliminate these beautiful yet destructive phenomenons of nature.
  • Gutters: Overflowing gutters may indicate a need for a good cleaning especially during the fall when leaves are clogging gutters left and right. But, if you clean out your gutters and downspouts and find that your gutters are still overflowing, you may have a problem with your roof that could indicate a need for repair or possibly even replacement.

Free Assessment from Roofing Contractors

Contact a local roofing specialist this fall and have your roof assessed professionally. Many companies will even assess your roof for free, and not having the roof assessed won’t make the problems go away. Put off replacing your roof and repair minor problems instead!

Image Credit:Victor Habbick at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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