Another Reason to Keep Your Exhaust Pipes Clear!

As the Northeast continues to dig itself out of a mass of snow, those that still have power to their heating systems are taking steps to make sure that their heating system remains in working order. One of those steps involves taking the advice we gave to our readers last Friday. We talked about how the furnace can break down from snow obstruction of the furnace exhaust pipes. When these pipes become completely blocked, the furnace has a safety mechanism that will shut the unit down. This prevents damage to the system.

Carbon Monoxide Backup

There is, however, another major reason to keep your exhaust lines clear even if the furnace is still heating the home. Partial blockages can lead to carbon monoxide backup into the home. The furnace will continue to function without indicating any problems, but the carbon monoxide produced during combustion doesn’t exhaust completely. Without functional carbon monoxide detectors, this situation could lead to disaster in the home. Follow these steps and protect your home!

Protecting Your Home from CO Poisoning

  • Clear the exhaust line of snow build-up and drifts
  • Test your existing carbon monoxide detectors
  • Change the batteries in your detectors
  • Replace any detector that is older than 10 years
  • Watch out for symptoms of CO poisoning like headache, dizziness, confusion, chest pain, and loss of consciousness

Keep your family safe this winter season and keep your furnace in check!


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