Best Air Conditioner Placement

Many people move into a home that already has an air conditioning unit in place. Odds are that the system is somewhere in the backyard at ground level. As the years tick by the air conditioner eventually needs to be replaced. Most homeowners will swap out the system and place it in the exact same spot as the original unit. For many this may be the only option and odds are the installation is much simpler when the hookups for the system are already in place.

Relocating Your Air Conditioner

However, you may want to consider relocating the system. I am not talking about just moving the unit to a different spot in the yard, but how about relocating your unit to the roof? This suggestion probably sounds odd to most, but the benefits may be enough to convince you that the roof is a much better home for your air conditioner’s condenser.

The Benefits of having a Rooftop Air Conditioner

1)    Noise Reduction: We have all probably heard an air conditioner condenser clanking away on a hot summer’s day. Depending on the quality of the system and its age, condensers can be noisy enough to disturb back yard games and get togethers. Placing the unit on the roof will remove that disruptive noise from the solace of your backyard.

2)    Theft Protection: Air conditioning condensers are targeted for their valuable copper innards. Within a matter of minuets a thief can dismantle a ground level unit and flee into the night. A rooftop unit denies criminals easy access to your system.

3)    Accident Reduction: Lawn mowers and weep whackers can cause very costly damage to the refrigerant lines of your ground level condenser with one careless swipe. Moving the unit to the rooftop will prevent these types of accidents and make caring for your lawn a more carefree task.

4)    Minimized Maintenance: Rooftop air conditioners do require the same maintenance that is given to ground level systems, but you can keep your air conditioner much cleaner when it is placed on the roof. Dirt and other debris from nature quickly collect within a ground level unit, and this type of debris tends to diminish the energy efficiency of the system and decrease its lifespan.

5)    Available Backyard Space: For many homeowners, the backyard isn’t a very large space. Room for outdoor entertaining, for patio space, and for other backyard activities is scarce at best. An average sized air conditioner will require about 6 square feet of space in order to function properly, and that need can diminish what little space you may have in your cramped backyard. Moving the air conditioner to the roof will free up more room for the outdoor activities that you enjoy.

So, the next time you replace your air conditioning unit, check with your HVAC professional to see if a rooftop unit could work for your home.

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