How Much Electricity Does Your Furnace Use?

All furnaces were not created equal, and when it comes time to purchase a new system for your home, this fact will become overwhelmingly obvious. In the past, most furnaces were similar, but with all of the technological advances in the heating industry, furnaces have many different gizmos and gadgets to choose from. All of these advances are designed to improve performance and many are also made to increase energy efficiency. If you are looking for a new high performance furnace, AFUE ratings will tell you a lot about the systems energy efficiency, but they don’t tell the whole story. Gas furnaces don’t just use gas to heat your home. You need to consider how much electricity your unit will require as well.

The Furnace and Its Blower Motor

Many homeowners don’t even realize that gas powered furnaces use electricity, but if you have a unit with an inefficient blower motor in it, your furnace could be using a lot more electricity than necessary. The standard blower motor has one speed: high. The unit comes on and the blower forces air all over the home until the home reaches the desired temperature. If you have an air purifier, humidifier, or fancy air filter, you may keep the fan running between cycles as well. This helps improve air quality and evens out the temperature in the home. However, these old motors waste much more energy than necessary and there is a better option out there.

Variable Speed Blowers Save Money!

You don’t always need the fan to be blowing at high speed. There are times when the weather is mild enough to warrant lower speeds and your air quality appliances don’t need high speeds to get their job done. So, the variable speed motor solved this problem by offering your furnace a variety of speeds to choose from every time the unit kicks on. This motor won’t use any more electricity than necessary to keep your home comfortable, and it will actually provide more even heating and cooling. The best part is that it does all of this without you having to set anything manually. So when you choose your new furnace, make sure that it has a variable speed motor in it and you will enjoy improved comfort and maximized energy efficiency.

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