Go Green or Go Home

Four Seasons has made a conscious effort to go green this year. Helping the environment and the community have become very important to Four Seasons as supply and demand has become scarce. Today, company buildings account for 15 trillion gallons of water and 3 billion tons of raw materials each year! Those numbers are atrocious and here are a few ways that we, at Four Seasons, help to better then environment.

Our Go Green Initiative

  • HVAC Recycling: In a 5 years span, Four Seasons recycles 70,000 furnaces and A/Cs. This accounts for 12,250,000 lbs. of copper, aluminum, and sheet metal! None of this material will ever see a landfill.
    • We also recycle the packaging used for each unit, accounting for a staggering 1 MILLION pounds of cardboard.
  • Green Office: Our office has been very conscious in taking a “go green” approach. Our paperless office consists of recycling bins near every trash can, paperless payroll, paperless monthly newsletters, and moderated printer use.
    • Our technicians in the field are equipped with smart phones and tablets allowing all forms and sales materials to become digital.
  • Green Fleet: We ensure that our cars are equipped to help, not hurt the environment.
    • Our fleet consists of Chevrolet Sparks, Ram Promasters, and Ford Transit Vans all equipped with Nitrogen filled tires resulting in 5-10% of less fuel used each year.

Keeping Up With Going Green

Continually being able to go green is an initiative that Four Seasons will continue to pursue. As technology progresses and new ways to help the environment become available, we will practice ways to eliminate waste and reduce our carbon footprint both within the industry and the plant.


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