How Energy Star Rated Roofs Save Money

According to Energy Star, Americans spend about $40 billion annually on air conditioning for buildings and homes. This massive amount of cash accounts for a sixth of all electricity use in this country as well, and anything we can do to cut back on its use will add up to savings for our planet and for our wallets. Replacing an old inefficient air conditioner with a high efficiency system is one option to consider, but if the home is lacking in other areas, you may want to make improvements to the home’s envelope before you will ever receive the full benefits of an air conditioner replacement.

Non-Reflective Vs Reflective Roofing

The roof is a good place to start. A dark colored, non-reflective roof will absorb large amounts of heat during the summer months. This heat is then transferred into the home, and the air conditioner is forced to make up for the extra heat in the home by cycling more frequently. The more heat you can keep out, the more cold you will be able to keep in. An Energy Star rated roof can help you do just that.

Lower the Roof’s Temperature by 100 Degrees!

These energy efficient roofing materials have reflective qualities and can lower the temperature of your roof by up to 100 degrees during the summer months! The less heat your home absorbs the less you will have to use the air conditioner and the more you will save! Consider an Energy Star Rated roof for your next roof replacement.

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