Protecting Your Home from Break-Ins and Burglary: Part 1

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It has been estimated that a burglary occurs every 14.6 seconds here in the United States. We lull ourselves into a false sense of security thinking that a burglary could never happen in our home, but the threat is much more real than you may assume. Home security systems are growing in popularity and if your home is not protected, you could be placing your home and your family at a greater risk of experiencing a break in. Take a moment to assess your home for areas of weakness, and consider your options as far as increasing your protection from the thieving hands of burglars.

Burglars don’t choose a home at random. They take their time and scope out a few homes in an area. If yours is showing obvious signs of weakness, you need to take this opportunity to minimize your risk. Here are some of the common areas of weakness that welcome burglars into your home over another house on the block:

Signs that Your Home is Poorly Secured

  • Hidden Keys:  Hiding keys under a mat may be an obvious place to avoid, but even keys hidden elsewhere can be a risk. The burglar is scoping out your home, and if they see someone using a hidden key, they can use it too. Give your spare key to a neighbor that you trust rather than risking discovery by the wrong people.
  • Overgrown Shrubbery: Keep the shrubs and bushes around your home trim and well maintained. Burglars use overgrown shrubbery as a great hiding place from the curious eyes of neighbors.
  • Piles of Mail: Going out of town? Have a neighbor or family member collect your mail while you are away. A pile of mail is a clear sign to burglars that your home is empty and ready for the taking.
  • Unlocked Windows: Don’t leave your windows open or unlocked during the night or when you are away from the home. You want to make it hard for the burglar to gain entry to your home, and when you leave windows unlocked you might as well leave the front door open as well.

For more areas of the home that need to be secured, check back with 24 Hour Heating and Cooling News next week. If you aren’t doing something to protect your home, you should assume that your home is a target for break-ins, but there are many simple changes you can make to reduce your risk and give your family some peace of mind.

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