Protecting Your Home from Break-Ins and Burglary: Part 2

cctv on an old roof by warradmu at FreeDigitalPhotos.netLast week we began to highlight some of the areas around the outside of the home that are often left vulnerable to burglar entry. The list of mistakes that some homeowners make was so long that we felt we had to make it a two part series. These mistakes are very simple to fix, and will help discourage thieves from identifying your home as an easy target.

More Signs that Your Home is Poorly Secured

  • Exposed Security System Wires: If you are lucky enough to have a security system in your home, you are already better protected than most, but if your security system is not well maintained, you may be asking for a break in. Exposed wires in your security system can be easily cut and though you feel that your home is secure, in reality it is no safer than a home without a security system.
  • Unlocked Garage Door: Garage doors are a popular entry point for burglars. Even if your garage is not attached to the home, you don’t realize how valuable your lawn mower and tools are until they are gone. Lock your garage door after every entry and exit and eliminate this needless risk.
  • Poorly Trained Pooch: Many homeowners invest in a dog because they think that the dog will protect them in cases of burglary. However, if you don’t spend the extra money to have the dog properly trained, he or she may be easily swayed into silence by a stranger with food. Teach your pooch to bark in the site on strangers and to only take food from people he or she recognizes.
  • Social Media Updates: We know you want all of your Facebook friends to be jealous of your trip to the Bahamas, but posting social media updates about your location can encourage a break-in. People suddenly know that your home is empty and may take advantage of your absence.

Now that you know many of the ways burglars choose homes that are vulnerable, now is the time to act! Take a weekend to institute new rules and protect your home and your family from burglary.

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