Reminder: Duct Cleaning Scams!

Wednesday March 20th is the official start of spring, and if you have checked your mail recently, odds are you have seen the sudden influx in duct cleaning advertisements.  This is the season for air quality improvement and having your air ducts cleaned is a realistic way to achieve just that! However, choosing the wrong air duct cleaner could be a disaster for your air quality and your wallet. We have warned you about duct cleaning scammers before, but with the change in season, we decided that a reminder was due!

A Review of the “Bait and Switch”

Scams often begin with an attractively low price. The coupon arrives in the mail and before you know it, you have found yourself on the phone with an illegitimate contractor scheduling a service. The crew arrives at your home and knocks about your HVAC system for an hour or so, and suddenly the price escalates. This is all part of a typical “bait and switch.”

Before you pay an outrageous amount of money on services that may not actually improve your indoor air quality, remember that the quality of the contractor is more important than the quality of the coupon. Especially when you consider that those low cost coupons often turn into high services once the crew is finished.

Consider More than the Cost

Choose your contractor based on factors other than their pricing alone. It is important to get a good price, but the lowest price isn’t always the best. Have a few estimates done before committing to one company for your duct cleaning, and enjoy cleaner air this spring!


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