The 60-30-10 Rule of Decorating with Your Color Palette

Does the start of spring have you itching for a change? Have winter blues gotten to you? If so, making some changes around the home may be just what you need to bring some light into your life. Redecorating a room, or a few rooms, can do this for you and your home!

Implementing Your Color Palette

Not sure where to begin? Well, the first step is to choose your color palette. To make it easy and to guarantee a successful result, stick to three colors and then apply the 60-30-10 rule to the design of the room. What is the 60-30-10 rule? It is basically a rule that you apply to the color palette you choose and it dictates how much of each color you will use in the space.

  • 60% Dominant Color: This color is typically a neutral and it will be used as the main color in the room. This will likely be the color used to paint the walls. You don’t want to choose too bold a color for this portion. It will overwhelm the room and make it difficult to incorporate other colors into the room successfully.
  • 30% Secondary Color: Your secondary color doesn’t have to be a neutral but it isn’t the boldest color in your room either. This color may be used in the furniture, carpets, or other decorations in the room. You may even use this color on an accent wall to offset the neutral dominant color.
  • 10% Accent Color: This is the boldest color in the room. Pillows, lamps, art, and other decorative features are usually how this color is incorporated. This makes it easy for you to change out the accent color without having to redo the entire room.

Choose colors that complement one another and your style and get to work! Bring some light into your home this spring and start your home improvement project now!

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