The Versatility of Neutral Colors

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Repainting a room in the home is one of the most affordable home improvement projects that homeowners can undertake. It instantly brings new life to space and can typically be done for under $100. However, choosing the wrong color could end up costing you more should you have to repaint again or try to sell the home. This is where neutral colors come in.

The Benefits of Painting with Neutral Colors

Sure, barn red may be the latest fad, but what happens in two years when it is not only out of date, but also an issue for potential home buyers?  Painting in neutral colors has many benefits that every homeowner should consider before repainting the rooms in their home.

  • Always Up to Date: Neutral colors are always in fashion. By changing out the decorations in the room, you can keep up with the latest fads while maintaining a neutral base. It is a lot easier to put away a trendy pillow than to prepare a room to be repainted.
  • Matches Everything: Neutral colors don’t limit your choices when it comes to decorations. A neutral cream, tan, or grey base can be paired with nearly any other color without looking odd or out of place. These colors are also great for an eclectic look of combined colors and patterns.
  • Happy Home Buyers: If you are planning to sell the home at any point in the near future, neutral colors are a must. Potential buys want to be able to picture their family living in the home, and your daughter’s hot pink bedroom may make that a little difficult. In this difficult market, you need to give your home every advantage possible and neutral colors are the way to go!

The Diversity of Neutral Colors

Neutral colors are more diverse than you may think. Check out your local paint store for a full spectrum of colors to choose from, and start imagining the potential you could give the rooms in your home with a fresh coat of neutral paint.


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